Incredible you.

There is an unimaginable power.
Everything that exists comes from it. And you are part of it.
Deeper and deeper you are a particle that in turn is a part of a part and ultimately comes in that space between everything. The field of all possibilities, the Source.
The Source is a force in which everything, but really everything, is possible. Thus, illness is possible but also recovery.

In the Bhagavad Gita it says: I am the source of all material and spiritual worlds and Everything originates from me.

If the Source is everywhere then it is also in you, and if it is in you then it is also in everything that is and what is not. If it is everywhere then you are already connected to it. Without having to think about this.
You are the Source, you are a Divine being. When you realize who and what you are, a whole world opens up to you. Because that is the world of possibilities, of love, respect and compassion, of understanding.
You probably know the Mind over matter things: the enormous mind power that some people have that makes them almost super people.
These people can count very fast and well, remember, lift heavy things, speak many languages, hold your breath for 24 minutes and of course we know our ice man, Wim Hof.

It is also possible to heal yourself, to attract happiness, love and material things, to materialize things, to move objects with your thoughts, telepathy, to rejuvenate yourself, to stop your heart, to dry wet sheets with your body by to generate heat yourself, travel to other worlds and go through walls without moving your body and by starting to live from Prana, the life energy and to stop eating and drinking.

There are many more options, but it indicates what is possible. We are not limited by our body, by gravity or other beliefs. Because it is our conditioning that stands in our way. We think that we cannot lift heavy things because if you start lifting we will come across a limit. You think this is it, but when you believe in the possibilities then there is no limit and you can do much more.

It really matters what you believe. A trace of doubt makes it less possible. How could a woman whose husband got stuck under the car lift the 700-kilo car so that he could crawl out? Because the woman at that time did not allow herself to be restrained by restrictive thoughts. She believed she could lift it and did it. A moment of 100% trust and faith and see what can happen. You are incredibly powerful! You have ALL THOSE POSSIBILITIES. If you want to live more from this wonderful power, then you start to delve into who and what you actually are. The more you deeply realize who and what you are the more you will see that we hold ourselves back very much through our thoughts.

To delve into this, come to the satsangs I give to talk to each other about this. This way you can expand your thoughts and ideas about it and put yourself on the path to your wonderful Self with all possibilities.


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